Welcome to home page of JHLib, a free .NET tool library by Jouni Heikniemi. This page contains some basic information on the library, its features and, of course, the downloadable source and binaries.

The current version of JHLib is 1.1.

What is JHLib?

JHLib is a collection of miscellaneous code snippets for .NET, arranged into a code library. JHLib was born - and is developed - as a sideproduct my miscellaneous codings. The aim is to publish the support classes that could be useful to the general Internet public. The library is written in C# for .NET Framework 1.1.

JHLib is free. It is not released under any formal license such as GPL; it's just plainly and simply free. You can do whatever you wish with the code; I don't offer support or carry responsibility for anything related to the source or the binaries. That said, I'm naturally interested in feedback and suggestions, as well as your own code changes. Also, it would be nice to hear if you start using the library somewhere - it always gives ideas for further development.

Due to its byproduct nature, there is no release schedule for JHLib. I will push out a new version when I have a worthy addition to make - the interval of such events may be anything from hours to years. Neither is JHLib developed with the aim of becoming fully encompassing in any field; while it would be an interesting challenge to write for example the best TCP/IP server toolkit to ever have seen light, it's not the target here. I include code I've written for other purposes and that's it. In spite of all that, I naturally aim for more general usability and quality here :-)

What does it do?

The current features of JHLib cover the following:

All the code above has is in a library called JHL_Tools.dll. There is also an interactive demo application showcasing each of the library's features.

At this point, there is no real developer's manual on the library. However, all public methods are documented with XML comments, so you can generate the documentation using tools such as NDoc. Also, I suggest you take a look at the demo application's sources - they show at least a simple way to use the tools.

Version history

1.1 26th December 2004 Added Csv writer and hex conversion tools + configurable separator for CsvReader. Also included unit tests for the library.
1.0 14th November 2004 Initial release.


Contacting the author

You can reach me by mail at jouni@heikniemi.net. Also, reading my blog (Heikniemi Hardcoded) will keep you better up to date on my whereabouts and the future developments.